What we do

We deliver the highest quality translation and interpreting services. We work with a network of 4000+ trained linguists that are native speakers of the language they translate into. Our translators are therefore able to convey the precise tone and meaning of complex source documents or websites, remaining faithful to their cultural context in order to effectively target your particular audience. Our goal is to help our clients communicate effectively in any language.

Please tell us about your needs and we will tailor our services to create a perfect solution  for you.


High quality, fast turnaround translation services using expert translators with experience in the fields of business, law, medicine and many more.


Highly qualified and reliable interpreters with expertise in the fields of business, law, medicine and many more.

Why Choose Our Translation Services?

Choosing the right agency for translation services is of paramount importance. This is certainly the case when it concerns professional and technical areas such as the legal and financial industries in which we specialise. So what makes us the right agency to work with?

We work only with vetted legal translators, not just those that have been certified. Our legal and financial translators are carefully selected on the basis of years of feedback from our clients. We use software based tools to build specific lexicons and glossaries from each translation project for each client, which is then briefed to our translators prior to each new project so that the terminologies reflect the preferences of our clients

Some of Our Clients

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"For the past 6 months we have depended on EmpowerLingua to provide us with Russian to English translations. We often need these done at the very last minute with an extremely quick turnaround, yet EmpowerLingua always deliver. We have enjoyed working with them ever since we found them on Google ads. I particularly like their personal approach and the fact that we can rely on them to get the translations done ahead of deadline. I recommend this company to anyone who requires translation work and particularly if needing to keep to tight schedules." Gary Bailey, Carnet Manager, Delivered on Time Ltd

"I have been told it was a very good translation and you were a pleasure to deal with from my side, extremely helpful and understood our needs fully. If ever we need translation services again, you will be top of my list to call!" Matterhorn Capital

"If you are looking for an efficient, professional, and well priced translation or interpreting service; get in touch with EmpowerLingua." RK Capital

"As regards the quality of your service, it was excellent - very precise transcription, punctual delivery, exactly what we needed!" Fame UK

"Use them. They were quick and efficient and helpful." Palmers Law

"Many thanks for the prompt turnaround - much appreciated." Howard Kennedy

"Thank you for your prompt and efficient service." Protection Group International